The jewellery that I make comes from the ideas that I have from making artwork for sale and from working as a commercial illustrator. I know there is a strong graphic element to what I produce – it would be hard to escape that. Just as with the paintings that I make, there always seems to be a drawn factor. Even if I was trying not to draw but just to sploosh around with paint, I seem unable to avoid the linear aspects and the textures of which I am so fond.  So, when I work with silver, I tend to work in the same way   –  and I like to use silver in an rather pictorial manner. I have evolved a way of painting with it. This produces an extremely fragile result,  needing to be supported by another surface such as shell or sheet silver.

Most of what I make is related to the land – to the sea, the shore or the wild animals that live in this country, it can be somewhat literal or abstracted.

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About my types of Jewellery


I absolutely love taking the style of my paintings into silverwork and being even more decorative. I have evolved ways of painting silver on to a background of silver which reflects the general style of my painted artwork. I like decorative work and evocative associations with the English countryside, its seasons, shores and animals.

My silverwork falls into these basic style categories:

“Rockpool” with shells, pearls and silverwork reminiscent of the shapes and textures that one finds in rockpools and on the shoreline,

“Garden”  with leaves, flowers and semi-precious stones and glass,

“Countryside” which features animals and birds

“Decorative” which is just decorative and has no literal subject matter

“Wedding” this section has very detailed statement pieces

As these pieces are all unique and individual, it is always best to contact me on +44 (0)1256 895600 before buying. If  your chosen piece has been sold I can make you another very similar piece. You will be sent a photograph of the new piece before you purchase and, of course, there’s no obligation to buy it.

The jewellery currently for sale can be found under the categories listed on the drop down menus at the top of the page. Not all categories of style are always represented . (edit)

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