Watercolour on canvas which was pre-primed for oil paint

Why I would do that…?
I wanted to paint a little picture of our wolfhound as a card for my husband and wished to use a small pre-primed canvas which I already owned (about 6” square)
I wanted to use watercolour because oil paint is too slow to dry and I needed to give it to him in 2 day’s time.

So, I had to make the watercolour stick to it, otherwise it would have just rolled up into little balls of paint on the oil-based surface.

What I did…
I made a pencil drawing on the canvas,  which I then coated it with matt acrylic so that it would take the watercolour.

Then I painted it on to the acrylic base, mixing a tiny amount of liquid acrylic into the watercolour on a palette to increase adhesion.  Here is a quick set of development pictures which I took for the record. I put some matte varnish over it.

and the result:

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