In the summer, I was walking in the morning before it got too warm for my dog, CuSha, and me. I sometimes take my camera as it is so lovely out there in the fields beyond my house. The day that I saw this beetle was one of those days that I took my camera and I was so glad I had it with me. This was a gorgeous creature – over an inch long and covered in golden fur which seemed almost metallic in its shine and with the most wonderful long stripey feelers which it was waving around. It was quite active, moving about the cow parsley on which it clung. It was also quite windy so not so easy to get a photograph in focus.
This beetle was absolutely beautiful and I watched it for a long while, it seemed as near to a piece of jewellery as a creature could be, It was moving around on a new, unfurling stem of one of the many types of cow parsley, I felt so honoured to catch sight of it, I had never seen anything like it in this country and I do spend time looking for interesting things in the fields as I walk along.
I could not find out what it was, although I knew it was a type of longhorn beetle and began to think that maybe it was not indigenous to England…
My investigations lead me to a site called “What’s that bug?”

This site is an interesting one to have a look at even if you don’t have a question or a huge fascination for bugs. The people there spent quite a while researching and gave me the answer. I was so pleased to discover that someone would do that, it sometimes feels as if nobody does anything for free anymore.

This is part of the answer –

“Mainly found in moist meadows and hedgerows.  Adults feed on umbellifers
such as Hogweed and Cow Parsley as well as on Nettles”
“A stem borer that breeds in the stems of thistles and other herbaceous

They are an indigenous species but not that many here in Hampshire, apparently they are mostly rather north east of here.

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