Natural light in the house

As I walk about my house with a camera when the sun is shining brightly, I photograph the patterns that appear, often either as reflections or filtering through window glass or blinds.

None of these photographs are set up, they were all presented to me by the light in my own home.

These first ones are more recognisable than the later ones, which appear as more abstract patterns.






This first one was taken in a mirror, I accidentally got myself into it but it seemed like a good composition.












This shows light through a stained glass window shining on to my coat on a chair, the coat is green velvet with a subtly coloured wool lining.













Here the light shining through the stained glass window is colouring the things standing on my hearth.










Here the light through figured glass and a white blind illuminates tiles, a shell and some dried grass.










This shows the sunlight through a white blind shining down on to some shells on a window ledge













Here, the morning light shines through figured glass on to an old monks bench with a basket full of hats and scarves. I love the light effect as it passes over the wood.












Light shines through stained glass on to a faux fur cushion.












Light shines on to a bowl of rock salt pieces through stained glass, the bowl is standing on a ceramic bowl,upturned, to appear as if standing on a dome.






The photographs that follow are more abstract, I love the way light effects work, they look so much like paintings

The next two show some light shining through various glass and plastic objects on to my kitchen work surface, early in a winter morning when the sun was low.


The next two show sun light through window blinds



























This one is a tap dripping in twisty sort of pattern.



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