The Yellow Horse is a painting with a lot of ideas and references all piled into one area. I had seen a photograph of a horse, which I liked, I was having a moment of being very keen on Odilon Redon and he had painted the yellow head of a man, so that made me decide that I wished to paint this horse in yellow. This felt like something that I wanted to do rather a lot.

I started twice – I began to make a big painting and then I decided it would never get finished because the surface area alone demanded too much time and work… so I began again, smaller, but I kept and photographed the first one and stored it in the computer. Then I continued with the smaller version, which was for a present for a friend who had a horse – and this particular horse was one with whom I felt a strong connection. This painting was really about the essence of the horse – as she is, rather obviously, not yellow herself.

Also in this painting there are camellias, which was a reference to the book, “La Dame aux Camelias”  –  there was something about the whole idea that made me think of the book. Although the subject makes for a strange connection… maybe it’s referencing my own longing to have a horse, which never entirely came to pass.

Anyway, I photographed the painting before it went to my friend and this is an amalgam of the two, the large and small combined in photoshop. One day, I will probably print it out in very pale grey on a big piece of watercolour paper and re-paint it  in some other way,  with new details and a new “story”.  Maybe minus the gargantuan camellias 🙂

yellow horse

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