naturallly sculpted stone 1

Sculpture straight from nature


Sometimes a stone is a beautiful little piece of sculpture.

I tend to collect small stones from all over the world and bring them home.

I have a great many in the house and even more outside.

I often wish I could somehow transpose these tiny works of art into something much larger

……erm, and portable.

Here are some photographs of stones that I like very much



This one has a strange rectangular piece of chalk and I love the shape and the detail of pattern

in the flint. Also the “cave”, its all rather a story locked into the stone which can be read in any

way imagined.

The detail in these stones is so beautiful, like writing, almost.

There is something mysterious and magical about a stone with a hole,

I pick up stones which have a hole right through. The little patches of quartz

In these stones is very attractive, as well.

naturally sculpted stone 2











naturally sculpted stones 3














The little stone on the top right is a particular favourite of mine.

It has such graphic qualities to its pattern, I have used it in artwork several times in one way

or another and I pick it up and hold it regularly.

In my mind, I call them “scriven stones” because it looks as if someone has written on them

in an unknown language

The long one, I also find very interesting to examine closely, it has lovely colour in it.








The colours and the patterns on these stones, which are all from Dorset beaches in England

are, to me, very beautiful. I think that the detail on some of them are like drawings.











I can spend hours looking at the ones which I have put here, I have them in the house

and I like them as well as any piece of art.



Durdle Door, Dorset Attribution:

Michael Robinson

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