About Sue Climpson.

I live in Wiltshire, England and have been an illustrator for over forty years.
I have a degree in Fine Print and Graphic Design. I  make my own paintings and prints. The child of artists, I never actually considered doing anything else – and I haven’t, except for a few student jobs which served to convince me – forever – that I was really only suited to messing around with a pencil and living in the world of my imagination. To live on being an artist is a dream that many have and I have been most fortunate in that I have done that – without, need I say, actually pulling off the Becoming Wealthy Trick.
I have mostly worked as a freelance illustrator for editorial, brochures, books and advertising. Simultaneously, I have regularly worked as a graphic designer. I have contributed to animated films and I have worked for several television companies, mostly as an illustrator but also as a designer.


I began my career with the use of conventional drawing materials, to which I am still am pretty addicted. I can stare at paint charts for half an hour or so, just enjoying the colour. I love the feel of a pencil on paper, of paint on a brush and the sight of a piece of stretched water colour paper – all blank and waiting… (probably best to leave it undisturbed).

I have always made myself pieces of silver jewellery, so that I could create exactly what I wanted at the time and had always enjoyed the process. I began to play more seriously with silver and various other materials and found that people were liking the things that I made and so the whole thing evolved. I absolutely love this more recent stage of my career…. which really is taking the style of my paintings into silverwork and being even more decorative.
I have had Irish Wolfhounds for 30 years and also other types of dog, including rescues. Horses, hounds and birds appear in my artwork all the time, the animals represent certain qualities to me. There is always a spiritual and dream or vision element to my work, although that may  not be immediately obvious.

Please contact me using the form below. Alternatively phone me on +44 (0)1380 738342 between the hours of 10 am to 7 pm GMT time. That’s about 6 hours ahead of the USA.

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