We took Cu Sha to the sea, for the first time, in Hampshire, where we live. He was just a year old by a few days.  This is a big county and we live up in the north west of it, so the sea is quite a day trip.
Actually, he got near it once before, in Clevedon in Somerset, it was, however so  muddy that we kept him on the stony bit of the shore so that he didn’t get covered in slime.
He had forgotten about it, I am sure, by the time he made it to a big beach with sea crashing about a bit. We quite expected that he would be nervous of the incoming waves’ roar and the loud gravelly pull as it retreats but he seemed to enjoy darting around in and out of it. He seems to like to get wet up to his stomach but deeper makes him a bit nervous. All our wolfhounds have been the same.
The power of the sea –  taking a child or an animal there for the first time is always a significant moment to me. Both the Steve and I lived by the sea as children and the sound of the waves and the gulls’ call always has such a special feel of home to it.

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