PANO_20150406_184333021Gus is smiling.
Gus is a 3/4 yr old wolfhound cross. he was found wandering and taken into AHAR rescue in Ireland.
I saw him on an IW fb site, shaven, pitifully thin, staring into the camera against the backdrop of a blue carrier bag.
I sat and looked back – then I wrote and asked to have him.
I waited a long while to get him, often thinking that he would not come at all but finally he was put on a transport to England on a Tuesday night and I got him in the early hours of Wednesday.

Gus was used in badger baiting and his ear, lips and tongue have rips in them. The bridge of his nose is broken and he snorts when he runs.  His coat was thin and poor when I got him and he was skin and bone, now he has a lovely coat and is a normal weight.
Despite the obvious ill-treatment, he loves people. He craves affection, like a lot of rescues do. However, after a few weeks, he became secure enough to lie down and feel safe a few feet away. He doesn’t have separation anxiety, just goes to sleep when I go out but he knows the sound of my car and is waiting by the door.
Gus’ cruel history has left scars on him mentally. He is wary and sometimes growly with strange dogs, he plays very roughly indeed and will go as far as biting if not called back in time ( he will recall) so, his choice of playmates is limited to those immune to his idea of fun. He wears a muzzle when he’s out just to make sure that there are no incidents.

Now he is settled here and emerged from his shell, he is quite a changed boy, from nervous and quiet to boisterous. He was silent with only one bark up to 6 months, I was surprised and pleased at how quiet he was. He stood still and held out his head for his lead… hmmm… what an easy boy he was.
Now, he barks and jumps around when he’s excited to be going out, it’s pretty loud.
That’s only for a couple of minutes – it’s actually good that he feels safe enough to be happy… and I am so happy … that I have been able to give him a good life


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