lores earth dream section centre


This is the centre section of a very large, unfinished painting and its lying horizontal here. Its a vertical section in actual fact. I took a photograph of it and I rather liked it at this angle, however, it no longer exists in physical form as the painting has continued but is still unfinished.
Mostly, I have not finished it because its so big but also because the detail in it is difficult to sustain – except on certain days when making tiny marks for a long time is interesting for me. The painting is a combination of big expressive gesture marks and tiny, insane, twiddly little details. I am uncertain, sometimes, about the content and hesitate to continue in case I do something that I really haye and then I shall have to eradicate that part. I’ve done this a few times and feel discouraged by the disappointment that I experience when I really hate what I’ve done.
It’s a landscape projection into the future, a kind of manifestation of a world in which I could live, would wish to live.

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