yew smallerGillian, my quiet and gentle friend, was buried today in the beautiful, tiny graveyard at Tufton, where, at the church, she played music.

As the funeral service came to an end and the coffin was lifted, there was a huge clap of thunder.

I had been standing in the aisle throughout the service, so left before and stood outside, as the coffin left the church, there was a bolt of lightning which seemed so near as to be a few feet from us, with another big roll of thunder.

It was as if the sky spoke to her and for her.

It began to rain a little and I walked over to stand near the grave under the yew tree. As the coffin was put into the ground, the heavens opened and the rain poured down, one of the heaviest rainstorms I have seen.

It was quite magical, the Earth was setting her free in the most profound way, its natural gift to a spirit loved by so many… that she was so truly special that the elements themselves sang for her.

I walked back to my car in the downpour, so heavy that it was almost painful. I was both laughing and crying in that libation and its liberating gift from the sky.


Thank you Gillian, for your friendship and for that, last,  remarkable experience.

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One Response to Elemental farewell

  1. Carole Anne says:

    I felt exactly the same Sue..A fundamental truth was shared by the Heavens and Gillian was all of it. The torrential rain was cleansing,and deeply purging and completely befitting the occasion..those drum rolls of thunder could not have been better orchestrated! Thank you Gillian, a gracious and beautiful person. xx

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