I have been painting again after a seriously long break of being blocked and unable to work. Big relief. So scary to be unable to do anything creative. I just began painting stream of consciousness, something I have never done seriously before. I have no idea whatsoever of the outcome, I just start and let it spill out over the paper.
I have been very surprised at how much I have enjoyed doing this and really quite surprised at how interested I have become in painting minute detail. I always did just enjoy drawing tiny patterns but simply allowing it to take over a large area has been quite a revealing result.

I began with a piece of watercolour paper that had been on a drawing board for at least 10 years and had lain underneath other stretched paper and used just as a surface to work on. It had therefore acquired a load of doodles and spills plus various circular coffee cup marks. I had become quite fond of it and wanted to use it but ever really knew what to do with it.
One day, after 9 months of blocked-ness, I suddenly found myself beginning to draw on it in pencil, then realised that the urge to work had returned and got some paint on to it. At first, literally pouring old watercolour dirty water out of a pot and drawing lines with watercolour pencils, I followed my instincts and started to doodle, but seriously with intent, although not knowing what I would do next.
I stuck little bits of an old painting, cut up, onto it, I scribbled and spilt and fiddled around with tiny, tiny little bits of drawing with a beautiful rigger brush that I love, I put matt varnish onto it so that I could overlay more easily and brighten up the colour a little. I generally had an enjoyable time with anything that came to hand except pastels, although I could use pastel at the end to give an extra bit of clear colour and texture.
I then moved onto another piece of paper stretched onto a drawing board that had been there for a long time – and began another painting, which is the (unfinished) one here. After I had finished that, I stretched an old piece of paper that had a drawing on the other side which wasn’t much good.
I realised I had a thing for old mucky paper 🙂
Whether or not these are any “good” or not is a different garden on tablething – I don’t suppose it matters.

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  1. Carole Anne says:

    So thrilled to hear that the urge to paint is upon you again. What can I say!..your description of the above had me riveted and the result is so fresh and cohesive. What a lovely palette..real April Springtime.All I can say is..’more, more!’ xx

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