I have always clipped my hound’s nails, but not the lovely Cu Sha, I’ve done all the advised things and, at nearly 5 yrs old, it has got to the insane level of NO.
Today, I took Cu Sha to the vets to get his nails clipped – me trying to do this on my own was impossible, it was like wrestling a giant squid. Nails so tough I need both hands to work the (expensive) clippers. Anyway, in desperation, I took him there.
I said he might need sedation, I explained that he had become impossible, would no longer tolerate it ( I completely believed this) I stayed outside, thinking he might behave fractionally better without me.
The bugger practically held out his paws for the vet nurses.
They said what a sweetie he is…
Oh I should have done this before, what a complete fooI I felt.
“Here I am, these are MY toenails, I intend to keep them… and just look at the toenails on the Tibetan ruglions.”
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