floodwaterStill floods and more mud, it seems never to end. Trudging through it, sliding around in it, hardly able to take a proper step, eventually attempting to un-mud my beautiful hound, now stained a beige colour instead of pale silver grey.
Washing an Irish Wolfhound who is the size of a rugby player and not too keen on being washed … is not so easy. Its too cold for a big wash outside, so a quick hose down in the garden, followed by a more detailed wash in the utility room.
Followed by cleaning up the utility room  🙁
This mud and flood-filled result in every dog walk venue is really beginning to make me despair, trying different places only to find they are either cordoned off by flooding, or so full of water and mud that its not viable…. so back to the field outside the house, which, being a hill, is actually better than any of the places that I drive to take him for a walk.
I just like to give him a variety of interesting places to go so its not always the same – and me also.
Oh… mud.

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