The wild clematis stems look as if they have been drawn and I love the way there is that strange patch of light in the centre. Today I took Cu Sha to the Cleeves to see how the flooding was getting along. Bit of an inland sea, half the tarmac of the road is washed away and the areas of undergrowth, once so dense, now look like mangrove swaps. A cormorant flew over, a refugee from the seaside, probably with a taste for river trout. The water standing in the area on which I usually park was above wellie height and the river is tumbling along, rather than its usual slow slide. Its also too deep for Cu Sha, who spent approximately four seconds in the river before getting out asap. Today, in an hour’s respite from the rain, the sun shone orange on all the trees, lighting up the lake-like puddles. Things were growing, it looked like Spring.small wild clematis

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