Its been raining.

God, the Artist, has created The Hampshire Mud Display

……..every variety possible:  grey and greasy, chalky with lumps of flint, ridiculously deep, chocolate brown and luxuriously sticky, liquid for aquaplaning, watery up over boots, gooey fill boots up, rip yer boots off, somersault special brew, ankletwisting hidden flints, Dogshit Surprise, Horseshit Unsurprising but Widespread, wtf is that? ………oh, really everything Muddy.
Every aspect of Mud is out there…and not so Out There, some of it is right outside the front door.
Today, I went for a walk around Andover Lakes with Cu Sha, my wolfie. Half way round the main path, a lone Rotweiler appeared and began to snarl and feint at Cu, who was on his lead. He  first backed off and tried to ignore the Rotten Rottie but then decided to have a go in return. I managed to hang on …and just as the two of them knocked me over in the mud  ( a richly resplendent little goo patch)  the Rottie’s Human turned up and dragged him away, ignoring me, kneeling in the mud .
I was unable to get up, partly because it hurt and partly through hanging on to a growly and unnerved Wolfie. I asked Human belonging to Rottie to help me up, which he did, with rather a little bad grace, considering that his dog had caused it.
Some reflection on possible fact that he would have been a little more willing if I had been young and beautiful, some reflection on other fact that back and legs are really pretty bad and falling over in mud is not a Good Thing. More reflection, later, on incoming old age manifestation.

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2 Responses to January and the Hampshire Mud Display

  1. Laurie says:

    Hi Sue: I was fascinated by your description of mud. I had heard you are getting an unnatural amount of rain. Strange happenings all over the world. I was reading in a scientific journal that snow was falling from the sky that did not melt. Didn’t have a chance to finish the article but if I find it again, I’ll get back to you. You write well. Sorry for the ungainly fall. Isn’t it interesting how detached from love and grace some people are. Sending love, Laurie

  2. Jos says:

    It would seem the male dog owners you and I have both met recently at the Lakes are not nearly as nice as the ladies 🙁

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