For months, a lady blackbird has been getting nearer to us in the garden.
At first, it was a few yards, then, she began to come right up to within a foot of us, cocking her head and giving us her beady look. We were so taken with her tameness and delighted in her trust, we realised she associated us with food and that was the basis of her interest in us.

Its been so hot that we leave the doors and windows open all the time. She has figured out that we feed her, we come from the house, therefore, that’s where the food is.

Four days ago, she began to come into the house. She discovered the rice that Cu Sha drops beside his dish and crumbs under the table.

I walked into the kitchen and there she was on the floor, she looked at me and hopped out of the door, next time I found her in there, she just hopped away slightly. Then I discovered that she had been on the work surfaces and on the window ledge. By this time, I was becoming a little irritated at cleaning up after her.

She has a giant baby who has been following her around very closely, fortunately, Baby is wary of coming in.

This morning, I found her in the dining room, I took a photo of her on a chair – blurred as from some distance – she then hopped down and on into the living room, where I realised that the french doors and front windows were closed, so I went as quietly as possible and opened them.
She flew straight out, about which, I was rather pleased because this darn bird could shit for Britain in the Olympics and I could really do without her in the house, charming as it seems………

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