Cusha the Irish Wolhound puppy

This is a picture of CuSha when he was the very NEW Wolfboy, of course, he is now just over a year old, somehow, the words that went with this picture got lost in space, so I am replacing them.
He was the most dear puppy, quiet and gentle, I spent five days sleeping in the living room with him in his crate, moving the crate away from me gradually and putting it in the place he now sleeps in – a big alcove in the hall.
He never cried and I am sure this is a good thing to do, to reassure a puppy when he loses his family – which must be very painful for him  –  all he has ever known is the pile of puppies and his mother.  I wish we lived nearer to his first home so that he could have stayed in touch to ease the transition.
He grew so quickly that you could see the difference the next day, we took him to clicker training classes, with a lovely lady, where he learnt a few things…   mostly that he was expected to repeat the same action a number of times and that was Boring. Many other breeds of dog find training fun, a big game. None of my wolfhounds have exactly enjoyed it but they all learned the basics and the socialisation at an early age is important.
He was exposed to kennel cough when he was very young and had to stay away from other dogs. He did not get it, I am ever grateful for that.  Anyway, I was worried that he would not be at ease with other dogs because he did not meet any in the early formative weeks. It took a while for him to show any interest in other dogs, he wanted to be with people more than dogs…….then, quite suddenly,  it was over the top, wanting to play with everything on four legs, whatever the other animal wanted… and now he has calmed down a lot and is far more manageable, despite being still so young
The big toy dog in the picture, I bought for him when he came home, he loved it and played with it for months, sleeping with it.  Then, one day,  he ripped it to shreds and I had to throw it away…….
He ripped everything up that he could lay his teeth on for months, it was quite a ride…. he destroyed so many of my clothes, including a brand new dress I had never worn.  Anyway, he has pretty well got over that now and only destroys a couple of things a week  …….   He was never punished but it is made clear that this is not required behaviour:  however, he is still quite naughty…
I can tell when he has got something of mine because he keeps very still and rolls his eyes around to see if we have noticed.  Lately, he has begun to steal things and NOT chew them, just sit with them, enjoying the satisfaction of theft, I suppose…. Anyway, better than destruction.
He is – apart from the aforementioned – a very well behaved young dog. People say all the time that they can’t believe how young he is, as he is so calm and manageable.  The other day, we had to go to Arundel, he walked around the town for an hour or so, was polite and patient with everyone, had his photo taken with foreign tourists and some English people at least a dozen times and he seemed to have become the afternoon’s centre of attention.
He had had a big run on Selsey Bill beach before Arundel and lunch in a pub. This a his first pub lunch, thank goodness they let us in – it began suddenly raining hard as we reached the pub doorway.  He was good and sat still and quiet, I was impressed. The knocking over of small tables and glasses of beer had entered my mind.  His lunch was a few bits of leftover bread and traces of cheese. He waited politely to see if he was given any of this, however, there was a fair amount of anxious eye movement going on.
Steve seemed to think I enjoyed all the attention in Arundel, I didn’t, actually –  but people were very sweet and interested in the big dog. Of course, as usual, there was a lady almost in tears.  Everyone cries, it seems, when they have lost a wolfhound and meet another one.  I know how that feels.  I desperately miss all my Boys who have gone from here  –  wolfhounds are such a big presence in the house and so gorgeous to know.  They are just the most loving beings, always there for you and as big as a person…. only without all the emotional crap that humans beings manage to carry around with them.

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One Response to Cu Sha the new wolfboy

  1. Clare Jones says:

    Dear Sue,
    It was lovely to see you and Steve yesterday.thank you so much for your card.I have just looked
    at your website and enjoyed it so much.what a beautiful mixture of your paintings,photographs
    and thoughts and jewellery,all woven together.I love the description of the performance of
    A Midsummer Nights Dream,I felt the magic of it and also as if I was there watching the evening light fade and the candlelight become visible.I am sorry your back is so troublesome for you at the moment.What a joy Sidney is for all of us .It was good being together.
    Lots of love,Clare x

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