May. Time has been passing whilst I wasn’t really looking.
Have not been well and have not been concentrating, time to get back to some kind of focus.
Strange how its possible to let life slip by, sometimes in small amounts, sometimes quite large………..Watching the light change each day and seeing that day go by, watching the quality of the light as the season changes, watching the sky and all the different manifestations of cloud, so ephemeral, recognising time as ephemeral, eternal, non-existant, perceived only through clocks, age and consciousness.

June. Spent a week in the New Forest in the caravan, lovely site right within a patch of forest – deer walk past a few yards away and we have seen fox cubs and many bird species, we watched a fox wandering down the wide verge at the side of the road, she seemed not to care about the few passing cars, she was not so near to them but, still, it was unusual to be able to watch her nosing around before she trotted away into the moorland.

July. The seasons have finally arrived at warmth, not satisfied with that, heat has arrived.
I don’t like it. Everyone else does.
I am glued to a fan and staying cool. I like how it looks. I wish I could cope with being out in it but it makes me feel ill. It would be nice to get a bit of a tan, would make a change from being pale battleship-grey,… not to be, so I sit on the deck under shade in morning and evening and spend the day by the fan.
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Cu Sha doesn’t like the heat either, the poor boy wanders the house during the day, looking for the coolest place to be, he has to wait until the heat decreases to go out. Unfortunately for him, we are not early risers, so he misses out on early morning walks that many wolfhound owners seem to enjoy.
I see on the wolfhound sites that they are up and out by 6am. Its a lovely idea and I so wish I was that way inclined
…however, I am not human until 9 at the earliest, I can move around, yes, but speech is limited and thinking non-existant.
I am actually at by most coherent between 4 and 4.30…… hmmmm.

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