10" red absract square_This 20″ square painting is made from ideas born out of a tiny piece of jasper which I bought in Canada a long while back.

I was fascinated by the patterns on jasper which look as if someone has painted them all individually and, at the time, I had never seen it before. I brought 3 little stones home with me and I still find them really interesting, even though I am so used to them.

The painting shown here is the second of two paintings that I made from jasper. Its obvious that this is no depiction of the stone itself but an idea abstracted from it which I then followed my instinct to do whatever I felt was my expression in that moment.
This one, I have on my wall at home.
I painted it on the day before I went to collect my new (Cu Sha, the wolfhound) puppy – and, quite unintentionally, I put a dog in it…  Its made with watercolour, overdrawn using both pastels and oil pastels and a spot of gold paint.
The shape of the dog in the picture was pointed out to me by a friend and its very clear when you realise that its there…….however, it was a subconscious piece of representation in the picture – my mind was so full of my new puppy  ( now no longer little )  that I did it without knowing –  in an abstract picture that I made to celebrate his coming into my life.

It was meant to be sold but I elected to keep it because it was a nice day that I remember very clearly, spent getting pictures ready for an exhibition and thinking about the unknown puppy who would become my best friend, Cu Sha….

The actual painting is called Khu Sha DA Zha, a name some of you will recognise. Its also Cu Sha’s ‘real’ name.
I keep it because I like it and it brings back the memories of that day, when I was working to get the painting ready to be exhibited and my mind was full of my new puppy whom I was going to collect a a couple of days.

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  1. Amy St Mikael says:

    Magnificent illustrations.

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