Many years ago, I had a dream about a horse, it was such a vivid dream that I still think about it, it had a strange feeling to it which I cannot describe but was powerful. In the dream, the blue horse talked to me for a long while and what he said was very wise and beautiful. He walked away from me and as he left, he turned a pinky violet colour and his mane and tail were gold. This is another painting of which I have made several versions, because I have enjoyed the game of painting it differently. I always like to paint trees with different leaves – something I have done since I was a child just as I have drawn horses dogs and birds quite obsessively, although the meanings of their different form and colour are nothing that I can explain although the meaning is there.

The  original watercolour is sold but 12″ or 24″ prints on watercolour paper are available.

This is the most recent version of a painting which has gone through numerous incarnations of colour and detail, all of which have been sold. I have enjoyed playing with altering this image so many times without tiring of it. Its basically an abstract in three vertical sections.

I have a base piece of artwork which I painted in watercolour, without any detail and scanned into the computer. I print this out as a background and then draw all the subject matter and detail into it. The number of birds and how they are shown changes all the time, the first painting only had three. The flowering trees and the landscape change depending on the narrative which forms in my head as I work on it. This one is always a story. Some are not about anything. This one centres around the 2 wolfhounds who sit either side of the orange tree. I think the idea comes from the medieval door guardians on churches, one either side.   Anyway, the dogs are watching the tree and are guardians of the picture’s events. Painting is play, making up stories and drawing them out is always there for children. Most artists are fortunate enough to retain the ability to play in that way However, I suppose being an illustrator for so long means I am rather attuned to making a picture which tells a story of one kind or another, even if it is to sell coffee.

I just draw new things into it on top of the abstract background as it forms them in my mind, it seems to create its own images. Here it is a narrative picture about an orange tree, guarded by two of my wolfhounds, Cai and Thor. A flock of birds fly in and stream across the sky, the oranges on the tree begin to sing and a path opens up to the shoreline, where there may be a boat. You can go wherever you choose, its a portal to imagining a journey to wherever is appealing.

A long while back,  I had a series of illustrations to do for TV about Crete and the Minotaur legend. There were 12 of them and quite large, all watercolour painted before the digital age. I did a lot of research and it took me quite a long time. Many years later, I still had the images in my mind, I had found the bull leaping phenomenon quite interesting and was astonished to discover that people still did it. Bulls are magnificent creatures, some of whom I know to be sweet and gentle pets. I painted this mostly in the middle of the night during months of insomnia, I left the painting set up and went and continued on with it every time I woke up in the middle of the light summer nights. I t was a sort of distillation of the feelings brought about by the illustrations so many years ago which were still  in my mind, so its a decorative painting about ancient times.

Water colour, original sold and 12″ or 24″ prints  on watercolour paper available.



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